Multiwall Polycarbonate Panels in the Colorado Springs Area

Polycarbonate multiwall, also known as co-extruded thermal glazing, has become the industry standard for greenhouses, small structures and buildings. It’s better than 6mm plastic film and less expensive than glass.

The best polycarbonate panels to use are the smooth twin, triple, and five wall panel types; they have insulating spaces for better heat retention and durability and are easier to install than the corrugated type that are normally found in the local big box stores.

Multiwall polycarbonate glazing panels are the ultimate product designed for any transparent or translucent outdoor application. They are produced in a variety of thicknesses, each with its own set of specifications and values.

The most commonly used panels are available in 4mm, 6mm, 8mm,10mm, 16mm, and 25mm.  They commonly range from 5/32″ to 1″ in sheet thickness.

  • Twin Wall Polycarbonate Panels

    Twin wall is the most economical grade of multi-wall sheet available. It comes with a manufacturer’s 10-year warranty, as does triple wall and five wall. Twin wall is available in 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm thicknesses. Most pre-fabricated greenhouse kits are manufactured with 6mm (1/4-inch). Sheet thickness can be upgraded to meet specific climate weather conditions and local building code specifications.

  • Triple Wall Polycarbonate Panels

    Triple wall panels are available in 8mm, 10mm and 16mm and provide more panel rigidity and thermal insulation than the thinner twin-wall panels. The same product characteristics apply to the triple wall as do all polycarbonate panels.

  • Five Wall Polycarbonate Panels – Our Most Popular

    Five wall polycarbonate panels are available in 16mm and 25mm. They have a significant improvement in thermal insulation properties over the twin and triple wall panels while only having a minimal drop in light transmission. Although thicker and more rigid, many folks are upgrading to 16mm (5/8-inch). The thicker panels are not as frequently used in horticultural applications, but they are available for those unique applications where superior strength, durability, and thermal insulation properties are desired.

    While increasing thermal insulation properties, triple wall and five wall panels have good light transmission and are also very flexible to work with. In comparison to glass, they are still the best glazing product to use for any outdoor glazing project.

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