Commonly Stocked Panels in the Colorado Springs Area

Configurations: Twin wall, triple wall, five wall
Widths: 4 ft. and 6 ft.
Lengths: Up to 36 ft. long
Colors: Clear, bronze, and opal

Panels made by GALLINA USA / Co-Ex Corporation – Macrolux / Polygal

Polycarbonate panel prices, Colorado Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate Panel Sizes

Thickness ConfigurationDimensionPrice Per Panel
6mm 1/4" twinwall4 x 8$66.00
6mm 1/4" twinwall4 x 10$79.00
6mm 1/4" twinwall4 x 12$94.00
8mm 5/16" twinwall4 x 8$78.00
8mm 5/16" twinwall4 x 10$89.00
8mm 5/16" twinwall4 x 12$106.00
10mm 3/8" twinwall4 x 8$89.00
10mm 3/8" twinwall4 x 10$111.00
10mm 3/8" twinwall4 x 12$133.00
16mm 5/8" fivewall4 x 8$143.00
16mm 5/8" fivewall4 x 10$177.00
16mm 5/8" fivewall4 x 12$211.00
8mm 5/16" twinwall6 x 8$105.00
8mm 5/16" twinwall6 x 10$131.00
8mm 5/16" twinwall6 x 12$159.00
10mm 3/8" twinwall6 x 8$129.00
10mm 3/8"" twinwall6 x 10$166.00
10mm 3/8" twinwall6 x 12$199.00
16mm 5/8" fivewall6 x 8$215.00
16mm 5/8" fivewall6 x 10$269.00
16mm 5/8" fivewall6 x 12$321.00

Quantity 1-12 panels / clear only. For triple wall polycarbonate products in opal and bronze, please call 719-270-3000 to order larger quantities.

Metal Connection Profiles – (Base & Cap) 6-16mm

H-channels 24 ft length mill finish$88.00
H-channels 24 ft length (anodized ) base & cap$120.00
U-channels 8 ft length 8-16mm - mill finish$12.00
U-channels 8 ft length 8-16mm - (anodized)$16.00

Polycarbonate Connection Profiles

Thickness ConfigurationPrice Per Panel
U-channels 12 ft. length 8-10mm$18.00
U-channels 16mm$21.00
H-channels 24 ft. length 8-10mm - 2-piece snap H$114.00
H-channels 16mm - 1-piece H$96.00
H-channels 24 ft. length 6-10mm - 2-piece snap H
with rubber glazing finned edges

Polycarbonate Breather Vent Tape

Aluminum Tape – 150’ per roll
1” – use with 6-10mm$27.00
1.5”- use with 16mm$31.00
2” – use with 25mm$34.00
Vent (breather) Tape – 110’ per roll
1” – use with 6-10mm$38.00
1.5” – use with 16mm$45.00
2” – use with 25mm$68.00
Vented/Solid Combo – 32’ vent, 32’ solid tape per roll
Use with smaller greenhouse polycarbonate projects
1” – for 6-10mm$25.00/roll
1.5” – for 16mm $40.00/roll
H-channels 8-10 mm
Note: H-channels are sold in 24 ft increments and used to join 2 panels together
24ft – 2 piece snap H base and cap – 2-3/4″ width$122.00/each
Note: U-channels are sold in 12 ft increments: $21.00/each
Used to seal/cover top and bottom ends of panels.

** The tape keeps your panels clear and free of built-up debris/bugs and dust over time.

Plus sales tax and UPS shipping. Ships via UPS directly to your residence or project site.

A Note About Current Pricing

The pandemic has created resin shortages, plant shutdowns, rising prices and increasing demand, all of which has put a strain on production and warehouse inventory levels.

The prices listed are as current as possible but are subject to change. We thank you for your business and will continue to provide the best possible service and prices. Thank you for your understanding and please contact us if you have questions.

Delivery Info

Local delivery to Colorado Springs and the surrounding Denver area is available for an additional cost, or you can pick up your order yourself to save on shipping and crating.

Please contact us if you have questions regarding pricing, pick up or delivery.

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