Polycarbonate Panel Features

Learn more about polycarbonate panel features, including how they save you money and energy, are versatile and come with a warranty.

  • Condensation Control

    A factory-applied condensation control is available on many polycarbonate panels. This is a special chemical liquid applied during fabrication that reduces surface tension, the condensation control allows water to spread into a thin sheet rather than form into droplets. It is available for all applications and is special order. Most stocked sheets do not have condensation control coating.

  • Light Transmission

    Polycarbonate multi-wall panels provide a wide variety of thicknesses and colors providing up to 82% visible light transmission. Polycarbonate panels diffuse the damaging effects of UV light. The panels have a clear co-extruded outer surface which provides high stability against UV radiation and gives excellent durability to outdoor weathering. Strong protection against UV exposure.

  • Panel Bending for Curved Applications

    Polycarbonate panels/sheets can be cold-formed for arched walkways. Panels must always be bent longitudinally; never across the width of the panel. It is important to avoid over-tensioning of the sheet. The best panels for bending around a curved structure are 4mm and 6mm.

  • Saves Energy

    The multi-walled polycarbonate construction offers high thermal resistance, giving excellent thermal insulating values while blocking UV transmission.

  • Warranty

    Polycarbonate is backed by a 10-year limited warranty on light transmission and breakage caused by hail. Final determination for all claims is at the manufactures discretion and must meet their criteria for full compensation. Claims must be filed within 8-10 days after any damaging storm effect.

  • UV Co-Extrusion

    Polycarbonate multi-wall panels are a high-performance polycarbonate panel. During manufacturing, a layer of UV absorber is co-extruded onto the surface of the sheet, forming a barrier against UV radiation. This gives multi-wall polycarbonate panel exceptional protection against aging and yellowing.

  • Impact Resistance

    Polycarbonate co-extruded thermo glazing has a high impact resistance – 200 times greater than glass and 10 times greater than acrylic. Polycarbonate 8mm panel is so strong it can withstand the impact of a 16 lb. weight falling 25 feet onto the panel with no breakage. Maintains impact strength over a temperature range from – 40°F to 250°F.

  • Flameproof

    It doesn’t burst into flames and does not release toxic gases.

Polycarbonate Panel Features Greenhouses Sunrooms Del Sol
Polycarbonate Panel Features Greenhouses Sunrooms Del Sol

Polycarbonate Specifications

  • Polycarbonate sheet size: 4ft and 6ft wide up to 38ft in length
  • Standard Colors: Clear, Opal, and Bronze
  • Clear = transparent
  • Opal = translucent
  • Bronze = transparent tint
  • Optional colors: red, green, blue, orange is in many cases special order/quantity
  • Sheet thickness: most common is 6mm (1/4-inch) up to 25mm (1-inch)
  • Custom widths and lengths: notification required
  • Order and ship any amount, any time, any place.

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