What are the Best Polycarbonate Profiles to Use?

The most efficient and least expensive profiles to use are one-piece H-profiles to connect panels together, and U-profiles to seal the ends.

The standard H-channel must be shoehorned into the end of the sheet and the other sheet must be shoehorned into the other side of the H-channel, joining two together. These profiles are made from the same polycarbonate materials as the panels themselves. They are co-extruded products designed to attach and secure polycarbonate panels, are somewhat flexible and can be cut with any type of saw.

The other H-channel is a snap H-profile, also made of polycarbonate and a bit more expensive. It’s a 2-piece profile – the bottom piece gets screwed to the supporting frame member, and the top piece is snapped into place after the two sheets are set in place. Although it’s more expensive than the standard H-channel, it is much easier to work with.

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